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Bristol and London

On a pier near Clevedon A pier near Clevedon The coast near Clevedon Beached boats Architecture on the Avon Banqueting on the S.S. Great Britain On board the S.S. Great Britain The S.S. Great Britain The Lloyds building and balloons Portishead A steam roller from Portishead The S.S. Great Britain The Avon and Bath The Avon Gorge Two Triumphs A couple of Triumphs The Santa Maria In the rigging of the Santa Maria Atop the mizzenmast of the Santa Maria The Santa Maria Tower Bridge Bath Cathedral Walm Lane Keeff with beard and boots Keeff's nightmares Buck Hice Canadian servicemen memorial Buck Hice and St James Park Princess of Wales River Thames Westminster Abbey Big Ben and St Margaret's Keeff at UCL The Iveagh Bequest (Kenwood) The Iveagh Bequest (Kenwood) Elephants at London Zoo Tropical Fish at London Zoo Sharks at London Zoo Plankton at London Zoo A Tiger at London Zoo Otters at London Zoo Camels at London Zoo Giraffes at London Zoo The Lord Snowdon Aviary at London Zoo Snakes at London Zoo Vultures at London Zoo

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