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Narrowboats and Graduands

Locking faster than a speeding train Well almost An Italian abroad Narrowboat country Strumming in the prow Narrowboat cruising Narrowboat crew Elegant bridge 1 Elegant bridge 2 Elegant bridge 3 Narrowboat away from it all King of Clubs 1 Traffic Traffic jam The light at the end of the tunnel Seen the light Daylight The tunnel mouth Directions Doubts Not the light at the end of the tunnel Deep dark water Narrowboat living Experts all It was this big All the time in the world King of Clubs 2 Is that a pub No, carry on looking Take it easy Take it easy Weedon Church from the canal Northamptonshire skittles A butty Plates of butties Canal types Keeff and random graduands Keeff and ordered granduands Hugs

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